Furnace Mill Fishery Limited

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Baits Allowed at Furnace Mill Fishery:

If you would like to use feed pellets or paste you may only use those on sale at the fishery.

You are now allowed to use any brand of hook pellet.

GROUNDBAIT: we only allow Sonubait and Angling Bait Company groundbait.

You can also use:
Maggots, casters, worms, hemp, corn, meat, cat meat, macaroni, cheese, bread, prawns, cockles, mussels and dog biscuit (if pre-soaked).

If you can think of anything else PLEASE ASK before using!    

Baits NOT Allowed at Furnace Mill Fishery:

There is not a lot you can't use:

  • NO liquidised bait.
  • NO wasp grub.
  • NO blood worm or joker.
  • NO artificial baits (plastic or rubber).