TenchDescription and habitat of Tench (Tinca tinca):

Tench are a sturdy fish with a thick well rounded body and a beautiful olive green colour.  At Furnace Mill Fishery you will also have the opportunity to catch Golden Tench which, as the name suggests, are a wonderful golden colour.

Tench give the impression of being scale-less as their scales are very small and deeplyGolden Tench embedded in thick skin.  They have a thick slime on the skin which other fish will deliberately rub against to be cured of any ailments giving tench the nickname of the 'doctor fish'.

They have small eyes, a narrow mouth and maxillary barbels (either side of the mouth).  The tail fin is quite large with only a slight fork and male tench have large round shaped fins and females have slightly longer fins with a more triangular shape.

A 5 lb fish is considered to be a good size although they can grow to 3 times that weight.  An average fish would be between 12 to 16 inches.  You will find tench in most still waters and some slow running rivers and canals and we have plenty here in all the pools at Furnace Mill Fishery.   They are quite hardy being able to cope with low oxygen levels and have even been found in waters where carp cannot survive.  

Tactics for catching Tench at Furnace Mill Fishery:
Tench are bottom feeders and, like bream, they release a stream of bubbles which float to the surface and enable anglers to locate them.  The best time to catch tench is early dawn or at dusk and, like bream, they will benefit from a carpet of bait to attract them to your swim.   Sweetcorn, chopped worm and caster work well float fished with the waggler slightly over depth.  Tench can be quite cautious and may 'play' with the bait before taking it properly so be careful not to strike to soon and wait for the float to disappear completely - I know it is tempting but wait!  You will find tench to be hard-fighting and great sport so you don't want to be too light with your tackle and be aware that they will dive for cover if given the chance.

Baits allowed at Furnace Mill Fishery that are good for catching Tench:
Chopped worm, caster, sweetcorn, maggots, bread, prawns, cockles and Furnace Mill pellets.

For details about purchasing Tench see the Fish For Sale page.