Furnace Mill Fishery Limited

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30 pegs      Size: 1½ acres        Average depth: 6 feet.

Fish Selection: Roach to 3lbs, tench averaging 1-3lbs,

bream averaging 2-4lbs and up to over 12lbs, and crucian carp up to 3lbs. Common, mirror and ghost carp with average weights of 1½lbs to 5lbs with some commons and mirrors into double figures. Chub average 1-4lbs.

Baits: In the summer the most successful baits are usually Furnace Feed pellets, hookers & paste, casters, chopped worm and red maggots.
In the winter try maggots, pellets, bread, corn and worm.



Methods:The most popular are pole or rod fished waggler.

Furnace Pool top endIn the summer the fish are caught at varying depths but most of the big catches are from the margins and the far bank on the narrow section.

The fish tend to stay on the bottom in the winter but look out for them nearer to the surface on bright sunny days.

It costs £130.00 to hire this pool for a contest for five hours.

Why not get together with a few mates and hire the pool for private fishing?

Pleasure fishing also available please see fishing prices for day tickets.