Furnace Mill Fishery Limited

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20 pegs       Size: 1 acre       Average depth: 7 feet

Fish Selection:

Roach to 2½ lbs, tench averaging 1-3lbs, bream averaging 2-4lbs and up to over 8lbs, and crucian carp up to 3lbs. Common, mirror and ghost carp with average weights of 1½ lbs to 5lbs and some up to 25lbs. Chub average 1-3lb.

Pole or waggler. Margins are very productive.


Furnace Feed pellets, hookers & paste.  Caster or maggot fished up in the water work very well.

It costs £95.00 to hire this pool for a contest for five hours.



Why not get together with a few mates and hire the pool for private fishing?

Pleasure fishing also available please see prices for day tickets.